Surface Mount Pallets

Surface Mount Pallets support and protect PCBs during the SMT assembly process and help streamline and simplify the process. This greatly reduces set-up time and board handling and improves the quality of soldering in the oven. Mounting plate holders with push-pull mechanisms ensure that PCBs are kept in place Intervention by an operator is unnecessary SMT pallets for screen printing as well as mounting and soldering Tooling Pins for correct positioning of PCBs Custom designed for uniform temperature distribution across the PCBs Minimization of thermal stress during the reflow process SMT pallets decrease the amount of soldering by hand by protecting heat-sensitive components via a secondary reflow process.

  • Inbouw-plaathouders met push-pull mechanismen houden PCB’s op hun plaats
  • Tussenkomst van de operator is overbodig
  • SMT-pallet voor zowel het screenprinten als bestukken en solderen
  • Tooling Pins voor het juist positioneren van PCB's
  • Minimalisering van thermische stress tijdens het reflow proces
  • SMT pallets miniseren handsolderingen door bescherming hittegevoelige componenten via secundair reflowproces