Solder Carriers

MG Products specializes in Selective Wave Solder Pallets . Our Wave solder pallets are custom made and designed by our experienced team of engineers. We make the soldering of THT components to complex PCBs possible. Soldeercarriers are an important part of the overall production process. Because of the ever increasing quality demands the need for customization of a soldertooling is appearant in the electronics production. Thanks to the years of accumulated experience in the manufacture of soldeercarriers MG Products is a solid partner in the design and production of these essential inputs. MG also presents itself as advisor.

  • Cost efficient because of the automated solder process
  • Quality improvements through fixations of components and PCB's
  • Support and protection to PCB's
  • Masking the SMT components at the bottomside of the PCB
  • Chambercutting increases the soldering of hard to reach components
  • CNC custom made sizes, Suitable for ERsa, SEHO, Vitronic and Soltec machines
  • Finger Carriers used for fast fixating small series
  • Flex Carriers for soldering Flex-Ridgit boards