Pressfit Fixtures

Durable lightweight Pressfit Adapters are being increasingly used in the electronics industry. A large amount of true-hole components are being converted to pressfit solutions. The pressfit connectors are pressed into a PCB at high pressure. These pressfit fixtures – made from aluminium or ESD-safe composite material - are used as support in this process. Prevents damage to components and printed circuit boards. Made from aluminium or ESD-safe composite material for high durability and precision Offers maximum life cycle at a low cost Supports printed circuit boards when under high pressure CNC-manufactured on the basis of PCB information

  • Prevent damage to components and PCB's
  • Made off aluminum or ESD-safe Composite materials for durability and precision.
  • Offering max. life at low cost
  • Supporting the printed ciruit boards at high pressure
  • CNC manufactured based on PCB-information