About MG-Products

Mirto van Daal Managing Director and owner of MG Products

"I've been working in the world of mechanics and mechatronics for over twenty years now. When I was a young electronic engineer working for my first employer, Vebatronic in Uden, I discovered that I have a passion for mechanics and anything related to the field. Vebatronic saw talent in me and soon promoted me to head up their technical department. During that period, from 1997 to 1999, I learned a lot about the electronics in production machines and tooling. Outsourcing mechanics turned out to be a challenging task. I noticed it was easier and faster for me to just sort things out at home, in the garage, as it were. When Vebatronic/Solid Semecs went bankrupt in 2000, I started my own company with various machines. This was the start of Metaalbewerking Van Daal. I was also keen to combine mechanics with electronics and provide mechatronic solutions, and found a partner to enable me to do so in a newly formed company named D&D Mechatronics. Seven successful years later we each chose to go our separate ways and to explore different ideas. In the year 2009, MG Products was born. Well over six years later, I can safely say that this was a wise decision. I can really unleash my pioneering spirit here, and work together with my team to create high-quality, reliable mechanical and mechatronic products for the electronics industry. We like to focus on solutions. "

Dialogue is key

"We consider any problem a challenge and usually end up with a customised solution. Naturally, we also have a number of standard products, such as our test adapters, that are now considered the norm by many customers. Our experience enables us to quickly determine where the bottlenecks are in an electronics assembly process. So we don't require any elaborate instructions. Also, our customers are happy with the direct lines of contact we offer, because they allow for fast thinking. We enjoy building no-nonsense collaborations with our customers, using a pragmatic approach for small production runs and extensive projects alike."

Well-balanced growth

"MG Products takes good care of its reputation. In my opinion, we have a good name to keep up. In fact, MG Products has become something of a byword in the field. Our customers associate it with high quality, dialogue and short turnaround times. So we are no strangers to a dynamic approach. And we're not happy until our client is. We consider every new project a good challenge. For this to work, we need a team we can rely on. In small organisations, having reliable and enthusiastic people is of the utmost importance. And the same can be said for our entire industry. As small as we are, we still find opportunities for growth every year, and we seize those opportunities, but at the same time we ensure that growth is gradual."